1. Love's In You

From the recording Love's In You

This song is based on my belief that we all have the innate ability to love and show compassion.  


Love’s in You
You might think that love has come and gone,
You keep losing reasons to go on,
You might think you will never find a place where you belong.
You might think you’re not good enough,
Pretty soon your gonna give it up,
But a candle burns in everyone so let the light shine through,
Love is with us in a quiet prayer,
Love is with us in the song we share,
In every precious moment---love is there.
Love’s in you.
You might think this world has lost its way,
You might think of given in to hate,
But inside you there’s a sacred flame so let your light shine through,
Repeat Chorus
Love is my religion,
Love is my release,
Even in my darkness,--I know love's in me (and love's in you )
Love’s in you (2)