EP REVIEW:   Southern California’s own Laura Saurez releases her latest EP entitled Reach for the Bottom in 2011. Saurez is no stranger to the music business delivering many powerful live performances around Southern California over the years.   The EP kicks things off with “Cellulite Blues” an entertaining bluesy piece that serves up driving guitar rhythm, hilarious lyrical content combined with a powerful  vocal delivery from Saurez. Trust me when I say the lyrics on this one will put you on the floor rolling. Track 2 “Songs for Her” serves up a slow moving Americana groove with impressive walking bass line, driving acoustic guitar rhythms & heartfelt vocals. Track 3 is an impressive remake of Burt Russell’s1962 classic “Cry to Me”. As the EP slowly unfolds I can hear many different musical textures reminiscent of classic musical acts such as Bonnie Rait, Melissa Etheridge & classic Janis Joplin. The music itself combines classic elements of bluesy-rock with a classic R&B with an Americana aftertaste. The CD has some truly impressive moments on it showcasing impressive songwriting, & raspy vocal delivery that is powerful,  passionate & unique. Zeroing in now on Saurez’s voice: it has a timeless raspy jagged edge to it reminiscent of such classic singers as Tina Turner, & Janis Joplin. She's got the mojo & makes the vital (singer to listener) emotional connection with her vocals & charisma. From rocking “Introduction to the Blues” to the final track “With Guitars and Everything” this EP has something for just about everyone.  (excerpt)” - Cyrus Rhodes

Indie Music Digest

  The Artist I recently checked out the latest EP from Singer/Songwriter Laura Suarez of Southern California entitled Reach for the Bottom.    The band According to the liner notes line-up band line up includes Laura Suarez on guitar & vocals & a brief appearance by Travis King on solo guitar. I assume she also plays bass & percussion. I would say the band possesses average playing abilities & above average writing. Timing is spot on within the genera. Suarez can hold her own on the guitar, but more importantly she just let's it all hang out vocally - holding nothing back. Vocals from Suarez are well executed & in many ways the strongpoint part of this production. The music possesses a classic Bluesy, Rockabilly, Folk-ish type stigma. All in all great music to eat a Sunday morning brunch to. Definitely classic Americana feel that that is timeless & very emotional. Music will remind you of classic K.D. Lang, & Janis Joplin. The songs present many feel good grooves. The vibe Overall very upbeat, positive, with amazing vibe. I get the impression she is having allot of fun with it - & it shows. The production is professional grade from start to finish. Has a timeless feel to it. which is not an easy thing to achieve. Overall this CD is very marketable, upbeat & sucks you in right away. The good Honorable mentions go out to the amazing "good vibe" you get. Like a drug this CD pulls you in & when it's over you want to do it all over again. The CD brightened my day & told me to lighten up a little & have a drink. Folks out there who enjoy all the above mentioned bands will fall head over heals over Laura Suarez.  The bad Sparse musical environment though. I found myself wanting to reach for a magazine minutes into some of these songs. Yep I was fading fast. Unless your a musical legend like Elton John or Jim Croce you won't be able to pull this off all by yourself. The ugly Suarez might want to bring a band with her next time.   The verdict Reach for the Bottom by Laura Suarez is a solid freshmen statement. It might not be a grand slam but it's definitely a base hit in my book. The best part of this EP is her vocals, feel good groove & overall songwriting. The Bottom Line This EP proves Suarez is like a diamond in the rough - over time with a little work it should shine with incredible brilliance.  Markus Druery Indieshark Music Critic            ” - Markus Druery