I Can't Wait

OK, here's the newest one.  I'm proud of I Can't Wait because it was my labor of love.  The songs were created to be a thank you for all of the blessings God has brought to my life.  One of the most important blessings is the my church, Open Door Ministries.  I've had the great honor to be a part of the worship team under the leadership of John McCain and Tony Tanner, two gifted Christian artists.  They contributed their talents to this EP in a huge way, in addition to Anthony Shaddock (bass) and Steve Lorentzen (drums).  I also am extremely grateful for the contributions of Gabe De La Parra, who recorded and produced the EP.  

I wanted people to be able to put on the album as they are on their way to work and feel lifted and inspired.  God's spirit is everywhere.  For that I am grateful every moment I am in His world!

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