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Another Once Upon a Time

Laura Suarez
Laura Suarez


Another Once Upon a Time is the title of my new CD.  This is the song called Once Upon a Time


Another midnight has come and gone,

Another dream of a kingdom lost,

The fairy godmother lost her the wand,

Tears filled the page.


I wrote a verse when the day began,

Saw your face in the looking glass,

Its time wish on a star again,

It’s time to turn the page.


I want to start another once upon a time,

See the fireworks in the sky,

I want to hear those words –will you be mine?

Let’s start another once upon a time,

Leave the dragons far behind,

We'll have a happy ever after—in the book of you and I.


I packed my boxes of memories,

Put a seal on my broken dreams,

I built a castle where I am queen,

Then I turned the page,

Repeat Chorus


Life’s no fairy tale not a carpet ride,

But when the giants come to call,

I’ll be by your side,

We may not belong to a dynasty,

But honey there’s a happy ending,

If you dare to dream.